Lock yourself up and get ‘er done

Did you read the email I sent you late last night?

I paraphrased a quote from Peter Teal, the billionaire founder of PayPal. Here is his actual quote from the book “Zero To One.”

“How can you achieve your 10 year plan in the next six months?”

Is that even possible? Maybe, maybe not but that’s not the point. The point is to open up your mind to new possibilities and to get you to think about how you can get from where you are to where you want to be faster and with more efficiency.

Ask yourself this question: “How can I achieve my sales goals for the entire year, in one month?” Or, maybe in 12 weeks. That is possible.

You need to have the right product, right plan and take massive friggin’ action on ONLY the things that will help you get there.

Want proof?

My client Michael Rozbruch sold $480,000 worth of his product in four hours. With the continuity that was added on, it was over a million in sales.

Now here’s the thing about all of this – you need to set a goal for sure BUT you can’t be attached the outcome. Your REAL goal is follow the massive action plan you create. The reason is that you can’t totally control the outcome but you can control your actions.

Why not create a massive action plan for increasing your sales and then follow through on it? Maybe you won’t sell more products or services in a month than you now do all year but hey, doubling your revenue wouldn’t be too bad, would it?

Have a great Saturday.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “It’s A Rainy Day In Georgia” Dee

P.S. By the way, Michael is living his passion helping other people via information marketing and coaching. If you’re interested in that, I’m going a webcast next week where, I’ll show you how. Deets coming on Monday.