The loathing of chick flicks

I don’t know how this horror or horrors has seeped into my life but it must be stopped at all costs.

I’m talking about watching chick flicks.

The wife has had me watch, “Bad Moms,” “How To Be Single” (Twice on that one), “Sex In The City” and last night “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2.” I disliked all of them and hated a couple. In fact, I hated “Big Fat” so much that I actually got angry. Maybe I have some kind of psychological disorder but man it sucked.

Now, lest you think I’m the type of dude who only likes action flicks with guns and explosions, let me correct the error in your thinking. I like all types of movies – good movies that is. I don’t like to waste my time with movies that have no substance or that don’t move me in some way. (That’s one of the reasons I love good horror…it creates a visceral response.)


There is a big sales lesson in my little tale of having descended into movie hell.

It’s to know your target market and give them what they want.

The chick flicks were not made for someone like me. They weren’t designed to appeal to me or for my enjoyment. In fact, the filmmakers didn’t give a crap whether I would like it or not. I am not their target market. They created those movies for people just like my wife.

When I’m creating  a webinar or platform sales presentation for a private client, I almost always have to have that conversation with them because they want to talk about what their prospect needs instead of about what their prospect wants. You’ve got to know your target market and sell them what they want not what they need.

Also, if your marketing and sales presentations are trying to appeal to everyone, you’re blowing it. Know thy target market and give ’em what they want.

Tonight, I’m going to reverse the insidious chick flick tide by having the wife watch the best movie of 2017 with me, “Hell or High Water.” Think she’ll stay awake for the entire thing?

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “No More Chick Flicks” Dee

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