Let’s set fire to stuff!

Holy Moly, Batman.

People in the good ole U.S. of A are going crazy. The folks at Berkeley, the supposed bastion of free speech, set fire to the place to, well, prevent free speech.

But do not fear, your fearless leader is here but not to make a political statement but rather to give you yet another gold nugget that will increase your sales. And that tip is:


Say what you will, people are passionate on both sides of the aisle and are taking action – some misguided in this reporter’s opinion but passion nonetheless. And therein lies a key to your success.

First, you need to be passionate about what you are selling. Your enthusiasm towards your product or service is a MAJOR contributing factor to how well you close. Remember, selling, in great part, is a transference of emotion.

Second, you need to instill passion in your prospect to get them to action. You might be thinking, “But Dave, I sell rocks. It’s tough for me to get my prospect passionate about rocks.” Oh, my fine feathered friend, how misguided you are.

You are not selling rocks, dentistry, law services, financial advice, etc., etc. No! You are selling the outcome of those things. You are selling what the major benefits the prospect gets from buying your product or service.

Listen here, Mr. Rock salesman. You are selling how beautiful your prospect’s backyard will look with landscaping using your rocks. You’re selling the pride they will feel when their neighbors comment on how stunning their yard is. You are selling the wonderful time their family will have in their backyard. THAT is what you are selling.

As Rod Stewart said in the 80’s – “Everybody needs some passion.” So give it to them.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Oh, oh, oh I’m on fire” Dee

P.S. Yes, I did manage to fit to rock n roll references in one email. Thank you very much.