Lessons From Deepak Chopra’s Utter Fail

I saw Deepak speak last night at the USC baccalaureate event and it was b-a-d. Sorry Chopra fans but I speaketh the truth.

After an excellent introduction, Chopra walked up to the podium and sucked the air right out of the room with his total lack of energy. You don’t need to be a rah, rah speaker to project energy. The late Jim Rohn wasn’t but he would have people glued to their seats because of his internal energy and the passion in voice. In contrast, Chopra had people LITERALLY falling asleep in their chairs.

Then the dude mumbled. Yep, mumbled. People in the audience were looking at each other and whispering, “What did he say.” Come on man, you’re supposed to be a professional. He mentioned that he just got back from overseas so maybe he was tired but that is not an excuse. You’re being paid. Give it your all.

The structure of his presentation was non-existent. After a very long opening that was full of quotes from famous people -you know, the type that people post on Instagram and show up in your Facebook feed – he finally got to the “meat” of his presentation, he promised share 7 things the graduates could do to be successful in life. Okay, I was ready to get some profound insights.

He said  that the number one thing you should do is…well, honestly I don’t remember but the point is, for the rest of his time on stage, he never once said this is step #2,  step #3 etc. He just rambled. I bet not one member of the audience could name ANY of the steps because of how poorly his presentation was structured.

Mercifully, his presentation ended and the audience politely applauded.

Listen, if you’re going to get up in front of an audience, respect them and prepare. Follow a proven structure and give it your all – every time. You owe it to them and yourself.

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Dave “Never Phone It In” Dee