Learn From United: Beat the crap out of your audience

I’m sure you heard the story about the dude who was dragged off a United Flight and bloodied because he wouldn’t give up his seat on a flight that United had overbooked.

You think you have problems. How’d you like to be the CEO dealing with that public relations nightmare?

While most speakers won’t physically assault audience members and while most salespeople won’t give their prospects physical beatings to get them to buy, there are a LOT of them who will beat up their audience to make the sale. And worse than that, there are speaker trainers who teach that method of selling.

The strategy is simple:

You pick on one or two audience members to show that you are in control. You use blatantly manipulative strategies to get them to comply. You hardcore close them and browbeat them into buying. And, you know what? It works. People do buy. They are dazed and confused and not sure what they’re buying but they hand over their credit card. How can this work, you ask? Think about the EST seminars from the 70’s where the leader of the seminar would mentally break you down. Same thing.

One of the best platform closers I have ever seen uses this tactic. He is masterful and he closes a ton of sales. But he uses tactics I’m unwilling to use including  exaggerating the results buyers will achieve and saying and doing whatever it takes to close the sale. His closing percentage is sky high –  as is his return rate. His long term customer value is almost non-existent. He is one those “come into town, take all the money and run” guys.

You don’t want to be that type of presenter do you? Methinks not.

You can ethically control the minds of your audience and create a flood of orders or appointments with webinars and public speaking without beating up your audience. To learn how, go check this out before it’s too late. On Friday, this vanishes like a shadow into the night:

Show Me How To Generate A Flood Of Leads, Appointments & Sales

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Put ‘Em Up” Dee

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