Kitchen Table Millions (Not what you think)

Fried, baby, fried.

That’s how I feel now after sitting at my kitchen table all day, planning a 7-figure one-to-many sales launch,  with Mike “The Jewel” Stodola.

Where do you start constructing something of that magnitude? The same place where you build any sales presentation – with what you want the outcome to be.

“Begin with the end in mind” might be cliche but it’s true. You can’t construct a presentation (or in our case, a series of presentations) unless you know what you want to achieve.

When we began our brainstorming, the first thing we did was talk about what our sales goal was. Then, based on historical evidence, we estimated what our closing percentage would be. From that, we calculated how many people we would need to register for the trainings.

Now that we had that number, we created a marketing plan to get that many people to register for the trainings.

After that we discussed the product we were selling in detail and created the offer. It wasn’t until we knew what the offer was going to be that we discussed how we were going to sell the product.

Tomorrow, we’re going to work on the presentations devised to sell the product.

Burn this into your brain:

Whenever you create a new sales presentation, work backwards. Determine your goals,  then create an offer and then create a presentation to sell it.

Another important point is the more time you put into planning, the better your results will be. This does NOT mean to spend your time planning, planning, planning to avoid taking action. You must have a deadline when the planning stops and  implementation of the plan occurs. The fact is though, that most people don’t spend enough time planning their presentations and prefer to “wing it.”

Okay, it’s time to open up the ole bottle of wine and call it day.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Kentucky Fried” Dee