Kim Kardashian’s sexy secret

According to Google, Kim Kardashian’s job is being a reality television personality and socialite.

My guess is, your job description doesn’t fall into either of those categories but there is much to learn from the talentless Kimster.

I don’t recommend taking the same “leaked” secks tape route she took to get famous – but hey, that’s kinda up to you.

However, I do recommend you get famous in your target market. You see, my fine feathered friend, celebrity sells. People listen to celebrities. They pay attention to what they say. They are attracted to them. And, for some crazy reason, they put great importance on their opinions.

Here’s the cold, hard truth:

The business owner who is perceived as being a “celebrity” in their target market will crush other business owners who are infinitely more skilled.

“But, wait Dave! That’s not fair! The person who is the best, who worked hardest at perfecting their craft should be the most successful,” you doth protest.

Let me ask you: Do you think Ms. Kardashian is immensely talented? No, right. But she is rich.


Let’s say you are a kick-butt financial advisor. I mean you rock it for your clients have done so for years. You are really the best at what you do. What would happen if Suze Orman decided to hang her shingle in your town? How do you think she would do?

I’m not telling you, you need to be a national celebrity. I AM telling you you need to be perceived as being a celebrity in your target market.  Doing so will make attracting prospects  and closing the sale infinitely easier.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “No Leaked Tapes Here” Dee

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