A Key To Making Your Next Online Event Even Better

Last night, I completed the first of four live, online events. It ended up being a two-hour and twenty minute affair.

It went very well and sales were exactly where we thought they would be. Time to celebrate, right? Nope, not even close.

Sure the host of the show and I went out for the best burger in the world. (Owen & Engine – go on Tuesday night for the $16 burger, beer and bourbon special.)

But today, we’re going to meet go over last night’s livecast, discuss what went well, what could have been better and what didn’t go well at all.

Once we document all of that, we will start planning the Friday livecast and incorporate what we learned from the first one.

After every live event you do, you want to get together with your team or just yourself if you don’t have a team, and critical analyze your performance.  Don’t just think it…write it down in a document that you can refer to each time you plan a new webinar or live online presentation.

By doing this, you will go from being good to mastery. And with mastery comes more impact and more sales.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Post Show Analysis” Dee