Am I just a mean S.O.B.?

On Friday night, the wife and I took one her real estate clients to dinner at a very cool wine restaurant. I actually had a good time and thought I was super-nice.

On Saturday, I made a five-course Italian tasting menu with a wine pairing for another couple of Karen’s friends. Again, I thought I was super-nice and friendly.

Both of our guests asked Karen if I really liked them. The answer was “yes” but I found the question a bit odd and then Karen said, “You know that you can come off as a bit intimidating and standoffish. ”

Little ole me?

Anyway, this is not about Dr. Dee’s deeped seed personality issues but about the concept of stirring up negative emotions in your audience to sell them your product or service.

Some folks bristle at this concept. They don’t want to make their audience feel inadequate or intensify the pain they are in. They find it to be distasteful and just plain mean. These folks walk out after their presentations with pennies in their pockets while killers like me and my students walk out with satchels full of cash.

You might not like it but people are more motivated to take action by pain then they are by pleasure. You must dig the knife deep into the pain and actually amplify it if you want people to move to action.

The other day, I was doing a call with a Premium Private Client and I was asking about the pain his target market was in so I could create sales and marketing materials that would sell his product. At the end of our 90 minute call he jokingly said, “Geez, I feel like I want to slit my wrists.” That was exactly the response I’m looking for because I knew I had the important elements necessary to create a presentation that would convert like magic.

I know some well meaning jamoke is going to email me and tell that I’m wrong and that motivating people with positivity is just as powerful as motivating them with pain but make no mistake, Bubba, that person is wrong.

Now, during my presentations I do future pace a positive new reality for my audience BUT then I bring them crashing back to their current reality and the even uglier reality they’re going to experience if they don’t do what I tell them to do.

You might not like what I’m telling you but these are the facts, Jack. It’s my job to teach you what works in the real world. Take it or leave it. It’s up to you. I can tell you that if you do what I say, your sales with radically increase and by doing so, helping more people experience the benefits of your product or service.

If you want to get deep into this stuff, put it in place in your sales and marketing materials and want to sell more products in a day than you now do all year or at LEAST double your sales, then email about the private, 2-day event, I’m doing in my home for a maximum of 5 people.

You will spend two-solid days with me and other sharp business owners where we will work on your business and your materials – as well as drink some good wine. The investment is 5K. I’ve accepted two people so far. If you want complete details, email me at with subject line “Private Event In Your Home” and I email you back.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Mr. Congeniality” Dee

P.S. If you don’t have a “real” business, the private event is not for you. Also, if you hate today’s email and aren’t willing to do what it takes to crank up your sales and, by doing so, help a lot more people, then it’s best if you stay home. As I mentioned, I’m going to dig deep into into the “fortunate five’s” businesses and integrate advanced, powerful persuasion and influence strategies into what they’re doing so they can see results in their bank accounts. If you are cool with that, then email me at