Is this underhanded and manipulative?

Regina, one of my subscribers posted the following comment on the blog:

“I’m working on my sales approach with clients and prospects. This feels a bit underhanded to me. Maybe it’s just me so I’m wondering if you’ve had any other comments on this? Would love to know your response. Perhaps in an upcoming newsletter?”

I’m going to speak the hard cold truth here that oftentimes does not go well in today’s politically correct climate but that does not make it any less of the TRUTH.

A number of years ago a book appeared named “Non-Manipulative Selling.” It was written by a psychologist.  People loved the concept. There was one problem. It didn’t work. You see at its core selling is about manipulation. Now the word “manipulation” has a negative connotation, for sure. So we can call it “persuasion” or “influence.” But the bottom line is you are trying to persuade someone to buy your product, service, idea or concept.

Let me ask you these questions:

1. Do you believe in your product or service?

2. Do you believe that if your prospect really needs a product or service like the one you offer that they should invest in yours?

3. Do you believe that you are the best person to serve your prospect?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, then I believe you have a moral obligation to do everything you can to make the sale. (And it should go without saying that I’m talking about doing everything you can as long as it is moral and truthful.)

One of the reasons I hesitated to teach these “Psychic Salesperson” secrets is because they are very powerful and can be used in a negative, manipulative way. But, as I’ve mentioned, anyone who uses these strategies in that way will have very short-lived success and no level of personal fulfillment.

Let what I’m teaching you empower you and empower your prospects, your clients, your spouse, your children – the world.

If you have any thoughts, please post them here on my blog.

Kick butt, make mucho “DEE-nero!”

~Dave Dee

P.S., Imagine being able to walk into any room – conference room, living room, even a table at your local drinking establishment – and immediately being able to take command of that entire space! Every eye and every thought focused on whatever it is you have chosen to become the focus.

Pretty powerful concept, right? You bet. And it’s exactly the end result of what you’ll learn when you attend my upcoming “Psychic Salesperson and Personal Empowerment” live seminar.  Hold tight, all the deets will be announced very soon…

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