Inside scoop


Because you’re one smart cookie for reading this, I want to give you a little insider information about the next big, one-to-many sales presentation I’m doing and the secrets behind it.

It happens next Thursday from a television studio in Chicago. It’s one of my four-hour broadcasts that have been crushing it as of late. I’m talking six-figures every time I do one ’em.

What’s cool about these bad-boys, is I actually get to teach and sell at the same time.

“Wait just a minute, Dave! You have been telling us we really shouldn’t do a lot of teaching if we want to sell,” you doth protest.

Yes, my fine-feathered friend, that is correct. Typically you want to tell people what to do and not how to do it, if you’re trying to sell. However, there is one advanced caveat which is…

If what you are selling is complicated, meaning there are a lot of moving pieces, then it is sometimes better to tell your audience what to do and how to do it…especially if you are selling a product or service that does it for them.

The beauty is that many of your audience members won’t want to do it themselves and would prefer to have you do it for them or buy a product that does it for them.

The folks who want to do it themselves or can’t afford your product or service, feel that they’ve gotten value from just watching your presentation as well. (Truth be told, you should always leave your audience feeling like they got tremendous value regardless of what y0u’re presentation is selling.)

You need to watch this killer presentation I’m doing and take notes on two-levels:

First, on what I’m doing to sell during the presentation.

Second, on the content which is all about building a KILLER autopilot lead generation and conversion machine for your business.

Register here and then block it off on your calendar.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Mr. Insider” Dee