I Will Not Gorge Myself, I Will Not Gorge Myself, I Will Not…

The first stop on our Spring Break cruise to Mexico brings us to Key West, FL. 

Later today, I’m going parasailing for the first time.  I’ll send you a picture…if I survive and don’t crash into the shark infested waters. 

Back in November when Karen and I went on our honeymoon cruise to the Caribbean, I vowed that I would not overeat and be a fat-ass when I got off the ship. That plan last all of about four hours when I saw how amazing the food was.

But THIS time I have affirmed to to exhibit at least a little bit of self control.

Will I succeed? Not if all I do is make some affirmations.

The late Jim Rohn, one of most influential mentors, said it best, “Affirmations without discipline lead to delusion.” 

You can’t just affirm your way to success anymore than you can “manifest” money just by thinking about it. You need an action plan and a ritual or rituals that makes following through on your action plan inevitable.

As I mentioned yesterday, I have a ritual that I do every time before a presentation. It does include an affirmation, backed by emotion and has been anchored in to my brain so when I do this ritual, I am immediately put in a powerful, confident state.

The other thing you need to follow through on your affirmation are powerful reasons why you want to do what you are affirming.

Personally, I like to make a list of all of the positive things that will happened to me if I follow through AND a list of all the negative consequences of not following through.

And I make sure that my reasons why are emotional, not intellectual.

When you create an action plan, list the reasons why you are doing something and  create a success ritual, you have turned your affirmation into a tangible goal and are more likely to achieve it.

Oftentimes, when you go through this procedure, you’ll discover you really don’t care that deeply about the thing you’re affirming and you can just drop it without guilt.

And on that note, it's time for me to run. The breakfast buffet is calling.

Kick butt, make mucho “DEEnero!”

Dave “Cruisin’ On A Sunday Afternoon” Dee

P.S. If you want to learn more about creating success rituals  get the book, “The Power Of Full Engagement” – it’s a life-changer.