I USED to be one of *those* guys…

I’m in the process of doing a three-day implementation program for ten folks who each paid 10k to create, market and sell a new type of information product.

I have hundreds of slides but I’m barely using them.

Why? Because I know my stuff. I am the best at teaching this particular subject. I have produced results for years not only for myself but for my clients. This subject falls into my “area of genius.”

You might be thinking, “Damn, this Dave Dee guy is arrogant,” and you would be right when we are talking about this particular thing. I am great in this area.

However, as much as I hate to admit it, I used to be the like most of the other gurus, who would latch onto whatever was “hot” at the time, create a product around it and sell it. While it seems smart to cash in what’s hot, it is fool’s gold.

You want to work in your area of genius. What are you really great at? What product or service do you sell that is just awesome?  Do you have products or services that are just okay? Consider stopping selling them.

Remember, part of selling is a transference of emotion and when you are totally confident in your ability to deliver the result your prospect desires, your prospect can feel it. The only way for that to truly happen though, is to be selling something you totally believe in.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Don’t Be One Of Those Guys” Dee

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