Huge money draining mistake you might be making

Lordy, lordy this mistake is costing a lot of sales and they don’t know they’re even making it.

It’s a mistake I first made when I started speaking to sell.

I used to think if I just did a great presentation, gave a lot of valuable info and made my talk somewhat entertaining, people would want to buy what I was selling.

You want to know what an ugly feeling is?

To finish your presentation and have only a trickle of people go to the back of the room to buy or to finish a webinar or to check your inbox for orders and see one or two.


A LOT of folks who do seminars to book free consultations fall into this big trap I’m going to tell you about because they think since their offer is “free” people will want it. Sorry, Charlie, it doesn’t work that way.

So what is this big mistake I speaketh of?

Not crafting a sharp as the blade of a sushi chef’s knife close BEFORE you create the rest of their presentation.

I just finished talking to two clients who couldn’t answer with precision this question, “So what specifically do you want the outcome to be at the end of your presentation? What do you want people to do?”

You need to know exactly what you want your prospect to do and exactly what they are going to get when they do it before you even think about creating the rest of your presentation because your entire presentation, every single word, must lead to that end.

Sharpen your close my friend, sharpen your close.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “The Mistake Breaker” Dee

P.S. Quick public service announcement: I went to see “Fifty Shades Darker” yesterday with the wife. HORRIBLE. Spare yourself the misery and stay away at all costs.