How I Sold $375,000 In One Day Online

(Since I wrote this post, I sold $590,000 during a live platform sales presentation I did at the GKIC SuperConference. I’ll be writing more about that soon.)

Knowing how to sell changes everything. Period. Over and out. Yeah, sure, it might not be as “sexy” as the newest social media trick or newest online gimmick but there is nothing that gives you greater leverage than knowing how to sell. PERIOD.

If you don’t like to sell or don’t want to learn how to sell, then this newsletter is not for you. You should unsubscribe. Really. But… If you want to skyrocket your income AND give yourself stability (regardless of what’s happening in the economy) AND have fun both in personal and professional life (And “yes”, knowing how to persuade, influence and SELL definitely makes your personal life more exciting and fun) then you’ll want to devour everything I have to share with you. Why?

Because there is nowhere else online or offline where you can learn the powerful Psychic Sales secrets I teach. NOWHERE. This is NOT your father’s (or mother’s) old fashioned, outdated and ineffective sales training. This NOT “selling 101″. This is the advanced stuff. The stuff that’s almost too powerful. The stuff you’ll never hear about unless you are here with me.

Did I lose you yet? Have you unsubscribed because this makes you uncomfortable? No? Then onward ho…

Yep. $375,000 in sales in a single day on the Internet. In 7 hours to be exact. Here’s how I did it and the Psychic Sales lessons you can APPLY to YOUR business. First a bit of background…

In addition to being the Founder of Psychic Sales International, I’m also the Chief Marketing Officer for the finest company on the planet teaching business owners marketing, GKIC. (You know, the company Dan Kennedy founded.) You can read my journey from Dan Kennedy student to CMO here. Last month, we executed a live, 7 hour online video broadcast to sell one of Dan’s products. This was called “Ask the Experts.” The set-up was simple: I interviewed experts throughout the day who had used and had gotten kick-ass results from using Dan Kennedy material. The purpose was to sell mass amounts of product. It was my job to interview and sell. Think QVC. So what made this day such a homerun and what can you use? Good question. Here are the answers.

BELIEF. Total belief in the overwhelming value of what I was selling. Do you have that? Really?

PASSION. For the product and the life-changing impact the product has. Do you have total passion for you’re selling? Are you sure?

PROOF. For sure interviewing people and GETTING THEM TO TELL THEIR STORIES from failure to success was key to the success of the “show.” (I’m going to tell you something mucho important about storytelling in a minute. You will be shocked by whose segment of the show moved the most product.)

NO GUILT. I asked for the sale and asked for it again, and again, and again. I asked for the sale with passion, belief, convinction and excitement over and over and over. Do you have guilt about selling? Are you sure you don’t?

DEADLINES. Special bonuses. Limited offers. That-day-only specials. A deadline. A REAL deadline to motivate people to ACT NOW. To BUY NOW. To increase their internal pressure to make a decision to purchase NOW and to not procrastinate. Why? Because if the person watching put off buying, they might not buy and then they would lose out on an incredible opportunity. (Secrets #1, #2, and #4 all play into this.)

There was more I did. Much more. Some of which I only teach to people who are serious students but those five secrets alone could add hundreds of thousands of dollars to your bank account. Oh…

And how much money does it cost to IMPLEMENT those secrets? Hmm. Let me add it up…

I came up with a total of zero.
Will you use them?
Kick butt, make mucho “DEE-nero!”

Dave Dee
The Psychic Salesman

P.S. Almost forgot to tell you which person I interviewed got the best results. (Translation: The most product sold during the segment.) Was it one of the big name gurus I interviewed? Nope. Her name was Mary – a wonderful older women whose business is selling sewing machines. Her story resonated with the viewing audience in a very visceral level. There are some big secrets to effective storytelling (and getting someone to tell their story for max-impact if you are interviewing them) that I’ll reveal next week.