How could they have possibly screwed this up?

Did you see the major celebrity style snafu?

Yes, I’m talking about the ill-fated #envelopegate at the Oscars.

If you’re living under a rock or just don’t give a crapola about celebrities congratulating themselves, then let me quickly fill you in.

PriceewaterhouseCoopers, the company in charge of tabulating the results of the voting, gave the wrong envelope to the presenters and thus, the wrong movie was named best picture.

Now, THAT is funny – unless something like that happens to you.

Back in my mentalism performing days, I was once onstage in front of a large corporate audience when in the middle of a routine, I realized I had forgotten to put the prediction – which was the climax of this particular routine, in my pocket.

Not good.

How could this possibly happen? Easy. I was overconfident.

I had done so many shows, that on this particular occasion, I decided not to go through my checklist – like I always did.  And the results from this little bit of laziness were embarrassing.

Do you have a checklist that you go through every time you do a presentation whether it’s a webinar or in person talk? If not, I can guarantee that something will eventually go wrong.

Your slides won’t work. Your sound will malfunction. You will forget to hit the record button. Your online order form will flake out on you. And on and on.

Some of those things are beyond your control but you lessen the probability of bad stuff occurring through preparation and with checks and balances.

By that way, my prediction was in an envelope too. The difference is my prediction was correct. Ah, only if I had brought it to the gig.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “And The Winner Is…” Dee

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