How Bruce Springsteen Can Help You Sell More

Tonight, the wife and I are going to see The Boss for the umpteenth time. I’m really looking forward to this show because Springsteen is performing his classic album, The River, in it’s entirety.

Didja catch the key word that will help transform your presentations from ordinary to extraordinary?

It’s the word show.

Springsteen doesn’t just put on a concert, it’s a show. And that’s where many of the newer generation of rock acts fall short and where many speakers fall short.

If you want to move an audience to buy, you need to entertain them. You need to take them on a emotional journey. 

Do your webinars and group presentations accomplish that or are you just delivering facts, figures and logical arguments devoid of emotion?

Here is another key:

No matter how many times you’ve done a presentation, it can’t come across as “canned.” The best performers and speakers absolutely have their signature presentations honed in but they make them feel fresh to the audience every time.

This is why I despise going to concerts where there’s massive choreography, recorded music (instead of people actually playing instruments) and, in many cases, lip-syncing. Ugh. There is no spontaneity. No real passion. No real emotion.

Speaking of concerts and performers I can’t stand, tomorrow I’m going to rant about Madonna and what you can learn from her about what NOT to do if you want to make sales.

For now, think about how you can transform your “signature talk” into a show. You’ll love the results.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Bruuuuuuuce!” Dee