Holy shmoley Dave! Your stuff really works!

That’s the subject line of an email sent to me by Susan Berkley a couple days ago after a highly successful webinar she did.

She’s working up a full case study for me to share with you but, suffice it to she say, she’s one happy camper.

We did a one hour consultation before she did her webinar and we talked about many sophisticated subtleties which she immediately incorporated in her presentation. The results where outstanding…which was no surprise to me but, as you can tell from her subject line, young Susan was surprised by how well they worked.

And that, my fine feathered friend is the difference between the secrets I teach and what the gurus teach.

There’s much more to knocking it out of the part than a mere formula. There are powerful psychological sales methodologies for controlling the minds of your audience to motivate, influence, persuade and close the sale.  NO ONE on the planet reveals this stuff, other than yours truly.

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I guarantee you will say “Holy shmoley, Dave! You should have charged me for this!”

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “You Can Crush It Too” Dee

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