Hillary needs to stop it!

To say I’m not a Hillary Clinton fan is an understatement but I’m going to give her a piece of advice that she should heed.

She is making an egregious error almost every time she speaks that’s not only hurting her but hurting the ears of people across the globe.

I’m talking about her incessant screeching every time she tries to make a point to motivate her followers.

Hillary, not only is your screaming not motivating to anyone but your sycophants but it’s annoying and detracts from your message. (Which might not be a bad thing, come to think about it.)

Truth be told, this isn’t just a Hillary problem, it’s a mistake a lot of speakers make. They feel if they talk louder and with more emphasis, there message will come across stronger. In many cases, it has the opposite of effect.

One of the keys to persuasive communication is modulation and texture. If you say everything with the same tone and pace, your audience will tune out.

In many cases, you can be more persuasive and powerful with a whisper than with a scream. Oftentimes when I am presenting on stage, I will get down on one knee and lower my voice, speaking in almost a whisper, to make an important point.

This doesn’t mean that speaking in a loud, fast way can’t be persuasive, it can be.  However, there is a big difference between that and screaming your message.

Influential communication is not easy. Structure, message and delivery are all equally important. If you are off in any of these areas, your sales are going to suffer.

In July, I’m going to teach you how to master all three in a rare, Psychic Sales Masterclass. Stay tuned.

For now though, start generating more qualified leads to sell to. This mind map will show you how.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Why Am I Giving Hillary Advice?” Dee