Hey, ho, let’s go!

"Hey, ho let's go!" – The Ramones.

Maybe I was influenced to write the above quote because I'm wearing a Ramones tee-shirt this morning. Hmm… Makes one think.

Anyhoo, today at noon I'm doing a two-hour live training on a subject matter that's near and dear to my heart: Information marketing. 

To me it's the best business in the world. High profit margins, freedom to run it anywhere in the world that has a Internet connection, gobs of DEEnero if you do it right and the ability to impact people's lives with  what you sell.

If this interests you, then join me today. 

In hour one of the training, I'll be interviewed about the fastest, easiest and most effective way to get started in the information biz – even if you have a full-time regular gig. 

In hour number two, I'll be interviewing copywriting legend Clayton Makepeace about his very unique and very powerful product launch formula. It is different than anything you've heard before.

By the way, this is real training and not a disguised pitch. There will be a brief "commercial message" about GKIC's upcoming InfoSummit but that's it. 

Basically, I hope to inspire you to get into this great business or expand your current info-biz.

No need to register. Here is the direct link:


Hope to see you starting at noon ET.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave "Gabba Gabba Hey" Dee