Here’s the inside scoop…

The culmination of months of planning and work starts happening today and it benefits you on a number of levels.

I conceived, wrote the scripts for, directed and help create a new series of online videos with Dan Kennedy all about the architecture of advanced wealth attraction. 

What you will learn is powerful. Possibly a game-changer for you so you should watch episode #1 with pen in hand and take copious note on the content. 

There is a second hidden benefit I want to alert you to, though.

Even thought there is nothing for sale in this video, I followed a sales formula in the scripting of it. Why?

Because you are always selling something. 

Although we're not selling a product or service in this video, we are selling why people should listen to Dan about this subject and, most importantly, why they should buy into his philosophy about the subject.

Go watch the video now on two-levels. 

1) For the actual content.

2) For the structure.

Kick butt, make mucho "DEEnero!"

Dave "Source Code Creator" Dee

P.S. If you like the video, please write a comment below it. Thanks.

Watch episode 1 of "The Source Code" now:

 Screenshot 2015-08-06 07.33.15