What the hell ya doin’ out there?

I’m on a break from running the Peak Performers meeting for GKIC and thought I send you a quick note that’ll hopefully make you chuckle and give you something to think about.

When I graduated from college I got a job at a radio station in advertising sales and I was probably the worst advertising salesman of all time.

My training program consisted of the sales manager slapping me on the back and saying, “Go out there and get ’em killa.” No, really. That was literally my sales training.

Well, even a blind squirrel finds a nut and I got lucky and made a very large sale. No skill was involved in closing this – although I did not admit it at the time.

I was riding my high horse from “making” a huge sale and writing the total on a daily list my sales manager had on his desk. (It wasn’t often that I was number one on that list – heck, that I was even on that list!)

Anyhoo, I decided to kind of take it easy the next day and ride on my laurels. At the end of the day I had made exactly zero sales.

The sales manager looked at the daily list on his desk, looked up at me, looked back down at the list, looked back up at me and said, “What hell you doin’ out there? You sure ain’t fu*%ing selling anything!”

Lesson learned.

Everyday we begin anew. Everyday we must perform. Everyday we need to strive to get better.

That’s beauty of entrepreneurship.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Go out there and get ’em” Dee

P.S. I’m 99% sure I will be doing a presentation on selling your products and services via online events to a live audience next Tuesday afternoon and I’m thinking about broadcasting it online so you can watch it too. I’ll have more details for you tomorrow.