I HATE this group of weasels

It was a dark and gloomy day here in the ATL.

Not only did it rain cats and dogs but the worst thing happened:

The New England Patriots won and are going to the Super Bowl.

As a Miami Dolphins fan from New England, I despise this team with a passion. Hopefully my spirits will be lifted in a couple weeks and the Atlanta Falcons will trounce them.

So why do I hate the Patriots so much and what the heck does that mean to you?

I can’t stand ’em because they are so friggin’ good and have been that way for so long. They are kings of the football hill.

You see, when you are on the top of the mountain in your business, you’re going to have haters. Your competitors will constantly be trying to knock you off your pedestal  because they are jealous of your success. Hey, it’s easier to to talk badly about you than it is to try and beat you.

The truth is, anytime you put yourself out there with powerful marketing and strong selling, you’re going to have haters.

My friend, Matt Furey a true genius Internet marketer, told me when he first started making waves in the fitness industry, he used to get upset when he read lies and negative stuff about himself in discussion groups. He then came to realize that this was a good thing because he was making an impact and all this talk about him lead to more sales and more success.

Oftentimes, business owners are afraid to really go for it in fear of what “others” might think. In addition to what their potential customers, they are worried about what their friends, family and, crazily, what their competitors will think. Remember this:

The only vote that counts comes from the people who are giving you money.

So play full out without fear. Be the best, market the best and sell the best.

Just know that you’ll have people who won’t like it but who cares. Like the Miami Dolphins, they’ll be sitting at home while you’re playing in the big game.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Lets Go Falcons” Dee

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