How to get GIANT cups of espresso (or other stuff for free.)

I’m about to drive home from Franklin, TN and I’m sitting in the hotel bistro eating breakfast.

Yesterday, I ordered a double espresso, and the waitress didn’t have a clue what I was talking about. I explained that it was two shots of espresso. She asks, still flummoxed, “But what do you want in it?’  I again say that I just want two shot of espresso.

When my coffee comes out, I have an Americano, which is two shots of espresso with hot water.

I had a couple of choices here.

I could have been frustrated and annoyed and made a big deal out of it. But, honestly, it was not a big deal. It was damn coffee.

Instead, I cheerfully told her that I just wanted two espresso shots. She apologized and was a little embarrassed. “No worries, ” I said with a smile.

Fast forward to today.

I greet the same woman with a smile, ask her about how she was today and sincerely listened. I then said jokingly, “Let’s try the double espresso order again!” She laughed and told me she remembered me.

When my espresso arrived, it was in a BIG cup, and it felt full. Of course, I thought she had done the same thing as yesterday. And then I took off the cover.

The cup was FULL of espresso! I said, “Wow, you hooked me up!” She just smiled and winked. Obviously, she thought that more espresso was better and that she was doing something nice for me. And, although I won’t drink all of it, she was nice.

Here are a couple of things to ponder.

How often do we overreact to really small things? I am working on this. If I got frustrated and angry over a CUP OF COFFEE, who would that have negatively affected? Right. Me.

Second, being genuinely friendly, positive and really listening to people, including your prospects and customers, will lead to more sales and longer term relationships than using the newest ninja strategy.

Okay, time for me to get on the road and drive back to Atlanta.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Jittery” Dave

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