Get ’em to show up – part deux

Morning, kemosabe.

Yesterday I told you one secret for getting people to show up for your webinars and events. With that method, not only did you have the opportunity to sell a product immediately but it also increased your webinar attendance and sales.

Here is another cool secret that gets ’em to show up and primes them buy:


After someone opts-in for your webinar, you need to keep them engaged and excited so they show up for it. One of the best ways is to create 2-3 minute videos that are dripped out to folks who registered for the webinar.

These videos give tasty morsels of information to whet their appetite for more. Additionally, they act as reminders of when the webinar is happening.

Creating these micro-trainings will have a big impact on your attendance and sales.

So you say you don’t do webinars? Hmm. How ’bout if you are someone who has people come into your office on an appointment basis? Adding these micro-trainings will get more folks to show up AND prime them to buy.

Pretty sweet, eh?

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Mr. Micro-training” Dee