Gary Halbert Video: Gun to the head…

Happy Friday.

Yesterday,  I promised to tell you how to write effective copy quickly. I’ll do that in one paragraph and then I’m going to hand off the rest of today’s blog to Gary Halbert for some crazy powerful words of wisdom

The key to writing your first draft of anything is to write fast. Don’t edit yourself. Don’t fix spelling errors. Don’t worry about order and sequence. Just write your first draft quickly and get your ideas down on paper.

It is far easier and faster to go back and edit than it is to to try to create the perfect first draft. Hey, that first draft isn’t going to be be perfect no matter what you do so get it done FAST.

Okay, here is Gary Halbert in a five minute video that chock full of moneymaking wisdom. Enjoy and have a great weekend. We’ll talk on Monday.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Speedy Gonzalez” Dee