Four little words that could have a major impact on you

As I was preparing for the seminar I’m doing tonight, I made a distinction that has been one of the big catalysts for any breakthrough I’ve ever experienced. Every, single, one of them.

It can be boiled down to four little words:


Not profound, I know but powerful…if you embrace it.

Sure, doing research is good but we can over research. We can spend hours on Google trying to find stuff when we should be doing stuff. I’ve done it only to realize I’ve wasted a shitload of time.

Sure, planning is important. But we can plan, plan, plan and when we should be doing stuff.

Sure, thinking about your business is important but we can over-think instead of doing.

Every breakthrough is preceded by ACTION. NOTHING happens until we do something.

Before I had my first breakthrough of going from 3 shows a month to 25 in less than 90 days, I bought Magnetic Marketing and immediately acted upon it. I started doing stuff – a lot of stuff. And you know what?

Most of it sucked.


Because of sheer activity, I started seeing results. Results lead to more activity. More activity lead to more results. More results lead to geometric growth and a breakthrough.

Tonight, we’re going to dig deeper into this concept and I’m going to share with you specifically what I did and layout a plan so you might experience your own breakthrough.

But today’s message is a simple one. If we want results we need to get off are arses and act in the moment.

Kick butt, mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Action Jackson” Dee

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