First date mind control magic

No, I am not joining the pick-up artist community but people dug the email about picking up women using sales and persuasion techniques so I let’s keep moving in that direction.

So, I’ve used my online dating system to generate a hot lead. Next, I had a phone call to qualify my new lead. Yes, I had a script. Why waste my valuable time going out on a date if I determined we weren’t going to hit it off from the get-go?

Are you qualifying prospects before you talk to them?

Now it’s time for our first date.

Rarely, like almost never, did I take a woman to dinner right away. Bad positioning, grasshopper, bad positioning.

How is your positioning. Do you seem desperate? Do you do too much to try to impress?

Typically we’d go out for  a glass of wine – at the same place every time. Why? ‘Cause I’d get better service and people knew me there providing great social proof and status.

What are doing to provide social proof and raise your status in the eyes of your prospect?

During the date, I would use many of the techniques I talk about in my Psychic Sales System & Toolkit including anchoring. I would anchor positive feeling my date had with me.

Are you anchoring positive feelings to your products or services?

Okay, now for the most diabolical strategy – future pacing. During our time together, if I was into my date, I would talk about what an amazing cook I was and how I made the best Italian food she would ever eat. I’d be very cocky about it so she would challenge me on my claims. This would set up date number three which was dinner at my home.

Are you future pacing your clients so they ardently desire what you’re offering?

We’ll stop there before I get into trouble but remember this:

Whether you’re dating or trying to influence a client, being good at selling is key.

Want to get great at it with the most powerful mind control strategies on the planet?

Here’s the link:

Psychic Salesperson System & Toolkit

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Sales Romeo” Dee