Dumb-ass Guru Advice That’ll Kill You in 2017

Man, there is a ton of bad advice spewed forth by arm-chair gurus on the ole Internet. If you do what they say, your sales are going suffer, big-time.

But do not fear because Dave Dee is here to dispel some of this insidious myths so you can go forth and prosper.

Today, we’re going to tackle a whopper, sales-prevention myth:

Moving the free line.

Good concept but most people execute completely wrong. The idea is if you give away a lot of good content, people will buy what you’re selling.

Some gurus actually teach to give away your best stuff because people will think, “If he is giving me this for free, can you imagine what I get if I buy his product?”

Sounds good in theory but it doesn’t work in practice. Give too much and people will come to the conclusion that they don’t need what you’re selling.

Maybe that’s true if you have all of your Internet marketing buddies with huge lists promoting your stuff. (Did you know their sales  conversion rates suck? They make their money by having a lots and lots of people go through their launch funnel.)

While it’s true you want to sell your products or services with information how you do that it what makes the difference between outstanding sales and sales that blow chunks.

So how do you deliver information that moves the sale forward? Just so happens I’ll be talking about that today at 2:00 pm ET during my Facebook live broadcast.

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Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Myth Buster” Dee