The Dreaded Patriots & President Trump

Yesterday, the team I hate only second to the New York Jets, The New England Patriots, visited the White House in celebration of their fifth Super Bowl title.

Patriots owner, Robert Kraft, made an interesting analogy. He talked about how the Patriots 25 point comeback win was stunning and against all odds just as President Trump’s win against the supposed surefire winner, the now vanquished Hillary, was.

His point was that no matter how bleak your situation looks to never give up. Keep working. Keep fighting. And above all never stop believing.

The truth is, your situation doesn’t need to be bleak to follow the advice. Maybe you’re kicking ass and just want to breakthrough to the next level. Keep working. Keep fighting. And know you will get there.

Yeah, this is rah, rah advice for sure but hey, sometimes a little rah, rah is good.

Yesterday, while making a stunning Chinese dinner for my kids, I was listening to the late Zig Ziglar. I hadn’t listened to Zig in years, didn’t actually need to be motivated but for some reason I was drawn to this recording.

He made the important point that the best time to “get motivated” is when you don’t need to get motivated. Most people wait until they’re down in the dumps before they they seek out a motivational program. (Check that: Most people don’t do squat about anything and simply live their lives in “quiet desperation.”)

You can help buffer and strengthen yourself BEFORE things turn sour by strengthening your resolve and determination when things are going just fine. As Zig said, “Motivation is not permanent but neither is bathing.” It’s something you need to do every day.

Today at noon, I’m doing a no-cost, informal coaching call where I’ll be talking about how to crank up your sales, regardless of the business you’re in by utilizing the immense power of one-to-many selling. It’s not a motivational call but it will be inspirational and instructive for sure.

No registration is required but your attendance most certainly is. Put the details on your calendar now if you haven’t done so already by rushing here:

You bet I’m going to be on your free coaching call, Dr. Dee!

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Miami Dolphins At The White House In 2018” Dee

P.S. There will be NO REPLAY of the live call today.  No begging, whining or pleading. You can make it or ya can’t.