Dr. Dee’s Dumb Move Of The Week

It’s confession time, kemosabe.

I’m going to tell you something dumb I did last week so that you can learn from it.

Why would I do this? Because no one is perfect. Me? I’m only around 97.5%. 🙂

Last week I did a live web class. Registrations were great. The show-up rate was on par with what I usually get. So far, so good. But when we get to the most important number, sales, that’s where it gets ugly.

I did HALF of what I normally do when selling this particular product! Why? The answer is simple; I changed a winning formula.

Even though the presentation I’d been doing kick some serious bootay conversion wise, I decided to change it. I’m not talking about a little tweak to test.  I’m talking about changing EVERYTHING.

What a huge rookie mistake!

Listen, my fine feathered friend. If what you’re doing is working, don’t change it for the sake of changing it. If you are going to test, test ONE thing and see what the results are.

Remember: We often get bored with our stuff LONG before our prospects do. Ride your winners as long as you can.

End of lesson.

Kick butt make mucho DEEnero!

~Dave “Mr. Transparency” Dee

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