Has Dr. Dee gone over to the woo-woo darkside?

There are a lot of woo-woo gurus out there in Internet Land.

They use terms like “manifesting”, “awakening,” “consciousness,” etc.

I’ve done my share of woo-stuff in my day including going to the single worst event of my life – Burning Man. (Oh, the stuff we do for love.)

Anyway, the other day one of my friends accused me a being a bit if a woo. Well, sure I’m into yoga and try to get into meditation but I’m not sure that classification is a 100% fit for Dr. Dee – in fact, I rail against most of that stuff.

Unless it comes to “energy.” Let me ‘splain, Lucy.

Your energy, which is generated by your feelings about yourself and your product or service, have a direct positive or negative impact on how well you close.

Every audience you speak before has an energy that, if you’re attune to it, you can actually feel and, more importantly, change if need be. I recently spoke first thing in the morning and the energy in the room was heavy and tired. I needed to change that if I was going to close well.

When I talk to clients whom I’m creating presentations for, we have a discussion about what energy they want their slides to have. Another word for this would be what “feel” they are looking for. The answer to that affects font type, color scheme, and image choices. And make no mistake about it, it is important.

Of course, the look/energy of the presentation needs to match that of the presenter. For example, my client Stephanie Chung is high-energy, powerful and motivating. The presentation I created for her needed to match that energy or it would be incongruent and less effective.

If you want to actually see and experience what I’m talking about, then you should watch the live webinar she’s doing on Wednesday. If you’re a coach or consultant and you want to learn how to attract more clients, then you definitely need to watch it. Stephanie is the real deal and her presentation delivers incredible content. I should know. I created it.

Get the details and save your spot here.

Okay, it’s time for me to light some incense and travel on the astral plane.


Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Energy” Dee