Don’t Be Like These Unedumicated Clods

Okay, I'm going to end the week on a little rant but it contains words of wisdom that'll have you pocketing a LOT more DEEnero, if you take them to heart.

Yesterday, I talked about the need to put personality in your marketing and in your sales presentations and I linked to a killer resource that shows you how to put personality in your copy. Some of our more unedumicated clan, seemed to think this didn't apply to them because they don't need to write sales copy.

Uh? Come again?

You know that copywriting is salesmanship in print, right? And you do want to sell stuff, dontcha? So now that we're on the same page, understand this one thing:

Writing great sales copy is NOT just about writing sales letters. It's about creating a script for any type of sales presentation whether you are selling in front of a room full of people, on a webinar, in a video sales letter, on a teleseminar or in any other form of one to many selling – actually in ANY form of selling.

Your ability to craft persuasive sales messages is the single biggest key to your success – regardless of the type of business you are in. And here's the thing:

By getting better at selling, you automatically write better copy. That's why it's easier to take a salesperson and make them into a great copywriter than it is to take a journalism graduate and teach him how to do it. Conversely, the better you get at writing killer copy, the better you will get at closing sales. They go hand in hand.

Hey, you can choose not to get good at this stuff. But if you want to give yourself an instant pay raise, then you have to do stuff most people are willing to do. Of course, you can keep chasing the dream by buying every bright, shiny new object the gurus foist upon you. That's up to you, Bubba. 

My suggestion is though, is you start doing the stuff that really works that can make you wealthy. Like putting personality into your copy.

Here's How To Do It.

Have a great weekend and, as always,

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave "Mr. Personality" Dee