Do you poop enough?

Or how about, “Hello, Erections!”?

Last night mi familia and I were scrolling through the TV channel menu trying to find the Weather Channel. (Don’t ask). And we kept seeing the brief descriptions of what programming was on the infomercial channels. And the subject line and the opening sentence of this email , where actual titles of the show.

How smart is that?

You see, grasshopper, the advertisers know they must grab your attention in a nano-second as you scroll through the channel menu. To do that  they need to use copy that grabs your attention and makes you stop dead in your tracks. Using outrageous and bizarre headlines help them accomplish their goal.

It’s no different when you start a webinar or in-person group sales presentation. The first words out of your mouth need to grab your audience’s attention.

It’s mega-important  if you’re doing a webinar because if you bore your audience, even for a second they’re going to start surfing the Internet, check their email or completely shut you down and go watch an infomercial about pooping.

But grabbing you audience’s attention is also misson critical if you’re standing up in front of them. Although they might not get up and leave, their smart phone is waiting to entertain them if you don’t grab and hold their attention.

So, how much thought have you given to the first words that come out of your mouth in group selling presentations?

I have formulas I use whenever creating a new presentation for myself or private client that ensures what is said grabs the audience by the throat and pulls ’em in. If you want to learn one of them, tune into my Facebook live broadcast today at 2 et.  All you’ve got to do is go here:

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