Deep Thoughts From Above The Shark Invested Waters

A couple days ago,, I went parasailing in the Keys for the first time and it was awesome!

As I was high above the shark infested ocean, I thought about you and your business.(Okay, so maybe the waters weren’t actually infested with sharks but it does make for a pretty cool segue.)

As an entrepreneur or business owner, there are many types of “sharks” you come  across on a daily basis. All of whom want to take a bite out of your business or at least out of your wallet.

Of course, you have species known as “competitors.” They are trying to feed on your current customers, clients or patients and on your prospects as well. 

Dumb business owners shut there eyes to it and pretend it isn’t happening because they don’t want to face the danger head on. They plug their ears so has not to hear the ominous Jaws music.

Unsophisticated business owners think if they just get better at their craft or  "build a better mousetrap”, they are impervious to the shark attack. Many bemoan the fact that it’s not fair and that the person who is the best should get paid the most.

Fair or not, the fact is that best marketer and salesperson makes the most money.

The other specie of shark that’s even more dangerous is called “guru.”  These  insidious creatures prey upon entrepreneurs and feed on their pain and insecurities.

They lure you in with outrageous promises of instant riches with little or no work. The bait that these sharks use, is the new, bright, shiny object. 

They strike hard, fast and in pacts. Their fellow sharky gurus get together and scheme how they can all take a huge chunk out of you. Then they disappear into the depths of the ocean until they get hungry once again.

The good news is there are ways to not only repel both types of sharks but also put an iron cage around your customers, clients or patients making your business impervious to these attacks.

And since today is my birthday, I want to give you a some shark repellent as a gift.

It is an, excellent book written by one of the major influences in my life.. It gives you no B.S. advice on how to navigate through the shark infested waters and come out alive but with a boatload of money.

Get the book here. 

But don’t just request a copy of the book. When it arrives on your doorstep, devour it. The sharks won’t know what hit ‘em.

Kick butt, make mucho “DEEnero!”

Dave “Shark Killer” Dee

P.S. There is no catch. You get the book, hook. line and sinker for just the cost of shipping.  Hey, if someone isn’t willing to pay a few  bucks in their education then they deserve to be eaten alive, don't you agree?

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