Deep stuff, man. Deep stuff.

Yesterday, I talked about how presenting was about one main thing – selling. And it doesn’t matter whether you are actually selling a product or service or not. You are always selling something.

Today, your favorite sales scribe, is going to tell you about one sale you must make every time you present.

Drumroll, please…

You must sell your audience on themselves.

Yep, one of the main reasons people won’t buy from you is that they don’t believe in themselves or their low self-esteem doesn’t make them feel worthy to buy your product, service or philosophy.

Someone might believe what you say. They might accept you as an authority, celebrity and expert. They might even believe that other people have gotten the results from buying your product or service. They might accept all of your testimonials as real but…

They don’t believe they can get the results or outcomes you promised because they don’t believe in themselves.

You must sell people on themselves, on their ability to succeed even if they have failed many times in the past.

This is a huge, hidden objection you must address during your presentation. Left uncovered, you are leaving money and influence on the table every time you speak.

Kick butt, make mucho “DEEnero”

Dave “Going Deep” Dee