David Copperfield’s Secret Revealed

As you probably know, I used to be a professional magician and mentalist – and a pretty darn good one in my humble, but always correct, opinion.

And one of my personal favorite magicians of all time is David Copperfield. (The wife and I caught his new show in Vegas last year. Highly recommended.)

Anyhoo,after the lights go down and the music signals that the show is starting, a big empty box with paper sides is rolled onto the stage. It is spun around so you see there is nothing in back. Giant flashlights shine through the paper sides, again revealing nothing.

The front of the box is then closed and immediately a shadowy figure appears inside, then the roar of a motorcycle and when the front of the box is opened, there is David sitting on top a Harley. 

Talk about an opening that grabs your attention!

So let me ask you, how do YOU open your presentations?

You need to do something that grabs your audiences attention and rivets them to their seats. The best way to do this is to make a BIG promise that sets the hook for your entire presentation. It is the promise that your entire presentation hinges upon.

I have specific script templates I use for this – all of which will be included in my soon to be released system and toollkit. For now though, think about the big outcome or outcomes your audience will experience from watching your presentation. And then tell your audience what those immediately as you start your pitch.

It works like magic.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave "Magic Man" Dee

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