David Bowie & George Costanza

Yesterday, I talked about how the late David Bowie vowed to never be boring and how you must never be boring either.

Interestingly, I was watching a mentalism lecture by actor Jason Alexander who played George Costanza on Seinfeld. (Yes, he is a world class mentalist who has performed at the Magic Castle.) Mr Alexander said that when scripting his act he didn’t want to go one one or two seconds without being enthralling or entertaining. He also designed his act around who is really was so his show came off as uniquely authentic.

David Bowie did the same thing. He was constantly reinventing himself and creating albums and a shows that were different but authentically him.

The big mistake many speakers make, heck that many people make, is trying to be someone who they aren’t.

This is also a problem with most speaker trainers. They teach their students to become carbon copies of themselves.

Yes, you can and should learn from others but you need to put who you are, your unique self into your presentations. Open up and let your audiences know who you truly are. Be an amplified version of yourself on stage. You’ll connect with your audience and make more sales.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero

Dave “TGIF” Dee