Dangerous Rituals Part 2

A couple of days ago,  I took you on a journey into the world of  a Psychic reader, a fictional Madam Blavasky.

If you did not read it or want a refresher, go here.

This month I’m going in depth and explain all of the secrets in my story and reveal how you can use them.

Psychic Secret I: Atmosphere

How does your customer feel when they enter your place of business visit your website? What emotional state does the look and feel of your business put your customer in.

In our story, the psychic nailed the atmosphere with dimly lit lights, an elegant couch, strange artifacts and the smell of incense. Her client was immediately put into the correct emotional state.

Have you really thought about this for your business? Mr friend, Dr. Charley Martin has. You walk into his dental practice and there is an Italian cafe, a baby grand piano, an elegant rug, computer stations and oh, yes, that nasty “dentist office smell” has been replaced with the smell of freshly brewed coffee and chocolate chip cookies.

Psychic Secret II: Social proof

Our psychic has different forms of social proof in her waiting area including newspaper articles, books (note the plural) and a testimonial book placed so that people waiting can read through it. It also contained a celebrity endorsement.

Do you have all of these elements in your business or on your website? Have you written at least one book? Do you have media you’ve received prominently displayed? How about a video of testimonials and media clips playing on a continuous loop in your business? How about a celebrity endorsement?

Psychic Secret III: Powerful Positioning

Madam Blavasky doesn’t come out to greet her client. She has someone else, Mr. Cayce, come out and give her client instructions on how things are going to work.

He then guides the client into the psychics’ inner sanctum and where the client has to wait for a few moments before the Madam Blavasky appears.

Are you positioning yourself in a powerful way? Do your customers, clients and patients feel privileged to work with you? Do they need to jump through any hoops to get to you?

Dan is a master of this. He has thought it through very well. You want a consulting day with him? You need to FAX in a request, jump through hoops and then wait for an opening. By the time you get to talk to him you’re happy to pay his substantial fee.

Psychic Secret IV: Ritual

Madam Blavatsky’s “sales presentation” is well choreographed. She does the same “ritual” every time with every client. She doesn’t wing it. She is a sales professional?

Is your sales choreography up to snuff? Is it precise? Is it honed to perfection?

If you’re an online marketer, is your sales funnel working as well as it could be? Have you measured and tested each piece of the funnel?

Does every new prospect that comes to your site go through the same process or can they just jumped around?

Psychic Secret V: Take Away Selling

Most entrepreneurs are over-eager to make the sale. This often comes across as being needy which is a sales killer.

In our story, the client was thrilled with her reading and wanted to get more of the famous psychic. Mr. Cayce used take away selling by saying Blavatsky only worked with certain clients. By doing so, he made the client want it even more.

Remember, people want what they can’t get. No one wants to get into the club that’s empty. They want to get into the club that has the longest line.

How can you use take away selling in your business?

Psychic Secret VI: Alternate of Choice

This sales technique is as old as the hills but still effective. Instead of asking the client to make a choice between something and nothing., you give her a choice between something and something.

There are strong subtleties in the way Mr. Cayce used which go beyond the basic technique.

First, he gave the client three options to chose from. A low priced, a high priced and a mid-priced. The one is wanted his client to take was the mid priced one. By giving three choices instead of two, he could manipulate that into happening.

BUT the high-priced option was his “slack adjuster.” Although most people will not choose this option, Cayce new that there were a percentage of people who would want what they perceived to be the best option.

Are you giving your clients an alternate of choice? How about a super-high premium package?

Psychic Secret VII:  Ask For The Testimonial.

The best time to ask for a testimonial is at the point that client is happiest.  That is precisely what Mr. Cayce did.

Of course, he had that part completely choreographed as well.

Do you have a SYSTEM for collecting testimonials and referrals? Does your staff know it and follow it? Do you?

The final lesson from our little psychic tale is one that we have been preaching for years, “No Business Is Different” – including yours. If a psychic reader can use these strategies, your business can too.

Go here if want to learn how to double your sales with ’em.

Kick butt, make mucho “DEEnero!”

Dave “Tales From The Darkside 2” Dee