Clearing the cobwebs with this hot new thang

I definitely could get used to writing to you while overlooking the ocean every morning. I'm hoping at some point they import an ocean to Atlanta. 

Yes, my brain might be a bit slow from the beer and tequila last night but what I'm about to tell you should clear away any cobwebs YOU might have this morning.

Next Wednesday, Dan Kennedy and I are doing a live four hour training titled "Growth Hacks: 12 Strategies For Doubling Your Profits Right Now." Yes, you should definitely register for this, watch the the training and most importantly implement what you learn but that's not what this post is about.

I want to tell you about the very cool NEW formula we are using that you can employ in your own business – even if you are not in the information marketing biz.  Here's the dealio…

Dan and I will actually be teaching for four hours. NOT speaking to sell but actually teaching. In fact, we package up the four hours of instruction on DVD and sell it on our website for $497. But here's the cool thing: We will end up selling six figures of the product DURING the livecast.  

"How can this be?", you cry out! Didn't I tell you that you can't just can't teach, teach, teach during a presentation. tack on a close and expect to sell a lot of stuff? Yep, I sho did. And the fact is we won't sell as much of the product as we would if I was doing an actual sales presentation BUT this format has additional benefits:

1. We get paid to create a new product that we can sell for years afterwards.

2. We give our members and subscribers awesome content for free while making DEEnero.

3. It further reinforces our authority, celebrity and expert status. (The ACE formula I've talked about in previous posts and that EVERY business owner needs regardless of industry.)

Let's say that you're a financial advisor and not an information marketer, how would this work for you? Hmm, how valuable do you think it would be to have a professionally recorded and packaged DVD set which you teaching your best stuff? That'd be a pretty impressive part of a shock and awe package. What about creating an infomercial around your DVD set – not to sell the DVDs but use them as lead generators?

Let's say you own a restaurant. How cool would it be for you to do a cooking show and then have it on DVD for sale in your restaurant? Again, not as a big moneymaker but to reinforce your ACE. You couldn't sell that in your restaurant, you say? Gee, tell that to Alinea . They sell a $75.00 book of recipes.

Okay, your brain should be on fire now with ideas. But I still haven't answered the BIG question: How the heck can I sell six figures of a product if I'm just teaching for four hours?

The answer will be in tomorrow's special, Saturday edition of this newsletter.

Talk then.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave "No More Tequila" Dee

P.S. Almost forgot to remind you to register for the actual training. Hop on over to here and reserve your spot.