Bridge collapse in Atlanta

I’m sure you’ve seen the news about the huge fire and bridge collapse on 1-85 here in the ATL. They’re now saying that both the north and south sides of the highway need to be repaired.

The miracle of it at was there there no injuries at all. NONE. Wow.

The estimation is that it’s going to take six months to repair this mess which means major traffic issues. Fortunately for me, I work out of the casa bit, even still, this will definitely impact me.

But here’s the major point…

Everything is just A-okay because there is always another way to get from where you to where you want to be.

Atlanta has a great train system, which folks are going to have to learn to use for awhile. We’ll need to plan more time to get to our destinations but, we’ll get there.

It’s the same for you in your business.

I assume you set goals. I do in a very specific way that includes actions steps. But sometimes, your best laid plans don’t work. The actions you take don’t get the results you desire. They key is not to abandon your goal but rather, find a new path.

There is always another way.

Today, I’m hopping on the phone to cancel conference rooms I’ve booked for private consultations with people who are flying in from all over the country.

Normally, I have these consultations pretty close to my home. However, the road closing would add significant stress and travel time for my clients, so I’m booking conference rooms at a hotel at the airport. Sure, this makes it way less convenient for me but who cares? I will still be able to help my clients which is my ultimate goal.

So remember, my friend. When things aren’t going right for you or maybe you even feel like your world is collapsing around you, there is always another way. Keep looking for it. Keep trying new paths to reach your destination. And, above all, never give up.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Working On The Highway” Dee