Astrological love (No, I have not gone insane)

Back in 1982, author Nora Hayden released a book titled “Astrological Love” it bombed. Then that very same book was retitled, “How To Satisfy A Woman Every time and Have Her Beg For More” and it became an international best-seller.

Same book. Different title.

The title of your presentation can make it or break it. It is mega-important. It needs to speak directly to your prospects fears and desires. It needs to grab them by the throat and pull them in.

A good test as to whether you have a great title for your presentation is  if you ran an ad with nothing more than a title and and ordering instructions, would your prospects buy?

Do any of your presentations need hotter titles?

Okay, time for me to find Nora’s book and re-read it one more time. 😉

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Hot Title” Dee