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Okay, so yesterday I pick up my daughter Gina from guitar practice.  She tells me she is learning to play the Beatles tune “Yellow Submarine” and asks me if I want to hear it. Of course, I do so we sit on a bench outside the guitar studio and she takes out her guitar. Before she starts playing, she looks up at me and dryly says, “Hey, maybe people will come by and throw money at me.”

Ah, my kid.

Okay, let’s move on to something that will have your clients throwing more dee-nero at you.

One of the most potent persuasion techniques in the marketing and sales process is the use of social proof.

You need to remember that people are more skeptical today than they ever have been in the past and therefore you need to prove everything that you say. In fact…

If you can’t prove it, don’t say it.

You need overwhelming quantity and quality of proof to prove that what you’re saying is true.

Well, what is “quality” proof? Basically you want testimonials with full names, details, pictures, and precise numbers to back your case.

You also need a lot of proof. If you only have a few testimonials, don’t put them on a page that looks like there is space left over. Put them on a small piece of paper so it looks like you really had to cram them in.

You want to have testimonials that answers objections and questions that your prospect typically has. So how do you get great testimonials?

When asking for testimonials from your clients ask questions like, “How skeptical were you?” “What were your doubts?” “What specifically do you like best about our product or service.”

Bottom line: The more proof you have, the easier selling will be and the more money you will make.

If you have any thoughts, please post them here on my blog.

Kick butt, make mucho dee-nero!

~Dave Dee

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    1. Sure. Ask.

      Not trying to be a smart ass.

      Simply ask someone who has gotten good results to write you a testimonial. Better still, you write it for them and have them approve it.


  1. Yes Dave, proof is certainly important and also can be a bit of a challenge with the new FTC rules if results are not shared by all participants. However, as you said, testimonials are incredibly valuable for social proof when people are skeptical or potentially considering making a purchase.

    Another type of proof that people like to see is exposure in the media and reviews of your work on blogs. This adds to those testimonials and super charges your credibility factor.

    Alla, when you are just starting out, you might want to have former co-workers, friends and networking contacts provide video or audio character testimonials where they talk about you as a person. This will at least help people to feel confident that you are a good person and that you have people who support you personally. Always make sure to include the name and website address or business name of the person giving the testimonial.

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