An evil plan and 4 powerful words

Top of the morning to you, Kemosabe.

I woke up super-early and my great friend, Mike “The Jewel” Stodola is to blame. Let me ‘splain.

The other day, I received a huge box in the mail. Upon opening it, I discovered that Mike had bought me an espresso maker as a gift. It was truly the perfect gift for me…or so I thought.

There were four different types of espresso to try. I’m a go big or go home kind of guy, so of course, I need to try the strongest one possible – at 5:00 p.m.

It tasted fantastic. I loved it. BUT, I was wired. I mean flying. At dinner my five kids thought I was on some illegal substance. It was actually quite funny.

Studies say the effects of caffeine can last 8 to 14 hours. I concur.

So far you’ve learned that Mike is a nice guy with an evil plan to keep me awake for days on end.

Didja catch the four magic words?

I’ll keep you in suspense for a moment and tell you that how you transition from one part of your sales presentation to another part of your presentation has a big impact on your results.

If your transitions are awkward or forced, your audience can feel it and it makes them uncomfortable.

For example, how you transition from your “teaching segments” of a one to many presentation to the close is mission critical – and that’s where the four words come.

“So far you’ve learned…” is the exact phrase you want to use for this transition followed by a recap of what you’ve just taught them. The words “so far” subtly suggest that you will be teaching your audience more and therefore keeps them engaged instead of mentally checking out because “the pitch is coming.”

Okay, it’s almost time for me to try the next kind of espresso so until tomorrow…

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “I’m Wired” Dee

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