All you can eat sushi and ice cream = a bad combo

So me and mi familia are up at the lake for a week. Last night we decided to go for a $14 all you can eat sushi dinner.

Even on the surface, $14 for all you can eat sushi doesn’t sound like a good idea but when you couple that with a big soft-serve ice cream cone, it turns out to be a really ugly combination.

For the sake of decorum, I won’t get into the details here but suffice to say, you fearless leader won’t be partaking in that particular combination ever again.

Another bad combination is this:

Someone who is really good at selling you a product or service but really doesn’t have the chops to deliver on the promised outcome.

You see this is LOT online with the Internet marketing gurus. Some of them sure are good at marketing but their products are all fluff. This happens a lot with speakers who sell from the stage. They can close like nobody’s business but their return rate is super-high because they get people hyped but then don’t deliver the goods.

Being good at closing the sale but not having a good product only accelerates the rate at people discover that you don’t deliver the goods.

Last week I told you about a client who sold $340,000 of his information product in just 4 hours. (That number is now up to over $400K.) The keys to his massive success were that he was his product delivers more than he promised, that he actually was a real authority and expert and that he knew how to sell. (Of course, having a great coach helped too. Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

Do you have ALL of those factors working for you in your business? If not, you are going to struggle mightily.

If you have a product or service and you are the real deal but still you’re struggling it simply means you need to get better at selling.

In July, I’ll be doing a live training that will help you do just. Stay tuned.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “No More Sushi & Ice Cream” Dee