Advice from a little known book

One of my favorite personal development books is, “Super Self” by the late Charles J. Givens.

In re-reading this book, I came across a dynamite piece of advice that is directly applicable to any
entrepreneur who wants to be successful.. Here ’tis:


Success Strategy No: 118:

To disconnect your emotions from the outcome of events, state preferences instead of expectations or demands.

It’s all in the way you use your mind. The winning mindset is “I’ll prefer to get the loan, but if the answer is no, no big deal. I’ll choose another alternative.”

Simply thinking and using the word “prefer” allows you to drop the if-then emotional connection to the outcome of events. It’s a powerful stress buster and the best way to keep your emotions in balance.

You have said to your mind, “My first choice would be to get the loan, but if I don’t, no problem. I will simply access my alternatives and without emotion, disappointment, or self-criticism choose another. I will not be denied.


There’s a saying, “little hinges swing big doors”. The success strategy exemplifies that.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Super Self” Dee