A Weird Secret For Reaching Your Sales Goals

It's thirty minutes until show time.

The camera crew is making final preparations.

The web team is double checking to make sure the technology is working properly.

Viewers are pouring in to watch the much promoted live Internet TV show I'm doing.

I sneak off  to an empty office where I can do my "pre-show" ritual. This is a ritual I use whether I am speaking from the stage, doing a webinar or in this case a LiveCast.

First, I pace back and forth counting the steps I take – which  correspond with the number of units I want to sell during my presentation. In this case the goal was thirty units sold at $3,000 each during the livecast. I take thirty very deliberate steps while thinking of my goal.

Next, I use my "anchoring" ritual which puts me in a peak emotional state of confidence, power and raises my energy level to it's max. I've been doing this anchoring ritual for years and it never fails to get me fired up and ready to perform. (I could have used the word "sell" but the truth is a masterful sales presenation is really a performance.)

I walk into the studio, confident and very focused.

Lights, camera, action.

The results? Forty units sold. 

Having a "pre-show" ritual in place that engages your phisiology and your mind, will dramatically increase you sales and help you reach your goals. Design one of your own or use mine. It works.

Kick butt, make mucho "DEE-nero!"

Dave Dee

IMPORTANT P.S. Tomorrow I will be revealing the details about the LIVE Internet video trainings I'm conducting starting next week. You'll be joining me on the road as I embark on three speaking gigs in Atlanta, Chicago and DC.  Again this is free and no opt-in is required. More details to follow.


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