A very old book with great wisdom

Today is a happy day for me. Wanna know why?

The dreaded New England Patriots were knocked out of the playoffs and “Tom Terrific” was harassed all day. 🙂

Okay to the business at hand…

I am reading Napoleon Hill’s “Laws of Success” which predates his classic “Think & Grow Rich.” This is Hill’s original document that “Think” was based upon and it is much more thorough.

On page 93 he writes, “Whatever you want you may get if you want it for sufficient intensity, and keep watching it, providing the object wanted is one within reason, and you ACTUALLY BELIEVE YOU WILL GET IT. There is a difference, however, between merely “wishing” for something and ACTUALLY BELIEVING you will get it.”

Hill goes onto write, “Those who BELIEVE they can achieve the object of their definite chief aim do not recognize the word impossible. Neither to they acknowledge temporary defeat. They KNOW they are going to succeed, and if one plan fails they quickly replace it with another plan.”

This is obviously solid advice and one that “woo-woo” gurus like to point to. BUT, what the “woos” miss is that there is an ACTION plan. Not just a “thinking and it will manifest” plan. Hill clearly states that desire and belief is NOT enough. Action must be taken.

The first chapter of this book is rough sledding but if you make it through that, you will be well rewarded.

You can  get The Law of Success In Sixteen Lessons by Napoleon Hill here.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Patriots Hater” Dee