7 Espressos and Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars Later

On Saturday, I did an eight hour live video marathon to promote Dan Kennedy's "Ultimate Lead Generation Machine." During this I interviewed expert guest after expert guest. It was a huge success with hundreds of thousands of dollars of the product being purchased by viewers from all over the world.

At first glance, it looks like I was just asking questions of the experts but there was a LOT more so let's dig deeper and see what was really going on and how you can use these secrets in your business.

Yes, I was asking questions BUT the questions, none of which were designed before the broadcast, we all structured around doing two things:

1) Giving the viewing audience great content.
2) Getting the viewers to order "The Ultimate Lead Generation Machine."

The questions need to peak people's interest in buying the product both overtly and covertly. 

Overtly is pretty straight-forward and what most salespeople do. You ask questions the answers to which overtly tell the prospect why they should buy. Here is an example,

"Rich, what would you say to someone who is thinking about ordering the Ultimate Lead Generation Machine but have not pulled the trigger yet?"

Covert questions and stories are designed to make the prospect to make the prospect make the mental connection that they should buy the product and are a great way to answer objections the prospect in an almost subliminal way. This is a very powerful Psychic Sales secret. 

An example is when I tell my core story about how I ordered a product I felt  could transform my business even though "I was in debt and didn't think I could afford it." 

Because I had read that "In order to be successful, I needed to do what successful people do and successful people invest in themselves and their education."

This statement looks simple on the surface but is multi-faceted. First, it answers the "I don't have the money" and/or "I'm in debt," objection. Second It  plants in the viewer's mind that successful people invest in themselves and in their education. Third, it does so with third party validation. "I read that…"

Super powerful stuff.

You certainly don't have to use Psychic Sales secrets like these to sell but these types of techniques are the difference between hitting a home run and a double. 

So think about and plan what covert questions and stories you can use in your sales presentations to get the results you desire. You'll love the results you see in your bank account.

(Your comments about this article are always welcome)

Kick butt, make mucho "DEE-nero!"

Dave Dee

P.S. To keep my energy up, the incredible team at GKIC kept bringing me my beloved espressos. I ended up having 7 of 'em over the eight hours. Any wonder I had trouble falling asleep that night?!

P.S #2:  Tonight at midnight, "The Ultimate Lead Generation Machine" with all the amazing bonuses, comes off the market. If you haven't invested in this yet, I encourage you to check it out. Remember, you can't close sales without first having qualified prospects to sell to! Click here and let Dan Kennedy tell you all about it.


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