$340,000 in 4 hours – seriously

Yesterday, I did a live four-hour broadcast with CPA turned information marketing superstar, Michael Rozbruch.

We were selling a product that helped other CPA’s profit from the tax resolution business.  When the dust settled, sales were $340,000. Not bad for a half a day’s work.

Here are the major elements that went into this homerun of a success:

  1. A pitch perfect pitch. As you probably guessed, Michael is a serious student of Psychic Sales and used my one to many sales template perfectly. Beyond that, he worked hard and rehearsed his presentation until he could deliver it flawlessly.
  2. Michael is the real deal and built a 23 million dollar a year tax resolution practice before becoming an infomarketer. He has street cred and massive proof that he knows what he’s talking about. Many folks who try sell info-products are pretenders and prospects can see right through their B.S.
  3. The format of the broadcast. I structure this in a very specific way to maximize sales. In the future, I’ll dive into this for you.
  4. Affiliate support. Because he’s the real deal, he got support from other people in his industry who had lists. By the way, he didn’t have a ton of opt-ins but there were highly qualified opt-ins.
  5. He has a true passion for his product. When he spoke, I wanted to get into the tax resolution business! He clearly knew his stuff and was passionate about teaching others. Passion and sincerity have a whopping 21% closing rate.

Yes, you can make mucho DEEnero, in big chucks, very quickly if you master the art of one to many selling. In July, I will be conducting a new training on this. Stay tuned.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “I Love Working With People Who Are The Real Deal” Dee